Planks, A form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion. One of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time.

Plan workouts are something so boring actually be worthwhile? Done properly, they have potential. They strengthen the abs and bullet proof the lower back muscles. They can even improve your balance and your posture. But they are still boring. Especially if you are talking about the plank workouts and trying to do it for a time. Staring at the carpet up to 10 minutes isn’t fun or very effective.

Luckily, this super workout is finally catching up and increasing in popularity in the fitness world, thanks to its countless amazing benefits.

Participation of planks for fitness of your body

· Better posture

Want an excellent posture? Plank improves the best stability and leads to the best attractive posture with a toned body. Doing every day, the planks with hardcore improve your stability and lead to better posture with strong muscles.

· Improved flexibility

What about our flexibility in our body? As, Planks increases the muscle in the core side of shoulders, collarbone, and upper back.These areas are mainly neglected while doing any types of workouts. But plants will play a vital role in strengthening these areas.

· Stronger Back

Suffering from back pain!! Just go for planks. As this workout will reach in all layers of the abdomen. It is the best fitness workout to get a strong core for the which, in turn, helps to reduce low-back pain addition gives you a strong core back.

So now we came to know about the benefits of the Plank workouts. As it is the single most effective fitness exercise for your core and can prevent many muscle imbalances, as well as prevent back pain and poor posture.

Today, let’s go over some types of Planks.

· Full Plank

Don’t lock your elbows, just remember that the middle figure should point straight with your figures spread apart and press into your knuckles. Engage your biceps by rotating the inside elbows. Most of the seem this workout easier as truly it is easy for those who have a strong upper body than a core.

· Rocking Plank

A small move but burns a lot!!You just have to lower your hips and slowly forward your shoulder in front of your elbows and push yourself towards the back of your shoulders. Try hard to pointing and flexing through your feet to move you. This move will make your core as strong as you never think off.

· Knee Tucks or MountainClimbers

Do these planks with patience.No need to do it fast as this plank need practice. You need proper practice before speeding up. First needed to engage your abdominals then you have to pull your right knee towards your chest with the help of your lower abdominals.Again you have to back in your plank position. Repeat this again with your left.